Instruccion De Alta Vendita

Masonic Crusade To Destroy The Catholic Church ’. . we’ll conquer her not by argumentation, but moral corruption!’ 2019, Feb 11 . . . By: ncdm In 1963, June 21 Cardinal Giovanni Montini was elected as the new Pope, to succeed Pope John XXIII who was murdered by the Freemasons three weeks earlier. As the … Read moreInstruccion De Alta Vendita

The Book Of Life

The BOOK OF LIFE 2016, Oct 9   . . .   By: ncdm Last week, the world saw the funeral of the Israeli leader Shimon Peres. The event drew the world’s most illustrious leaders like Bill Clinton, Obama, Tony Blair, Holland, etc… Listening to their meticulously crafted eulogies extolling Shimon’s exploits, plus the elaborate … Read moreThe Book Of Life

The Internet Decoded

THE INTERNET DECODED 2015, April 8         By: ncdm The internet is like a good friend, i.e., it knows you very well. With your regular use of YouTube/Apple/Google, and your credit card purchases, the internet has already deduced prettily many things about you. It knows that your favorite color is blue, that … Read moreThe Internet Decoded