“in the Gethsemane of the end times…”

2020-June-15   . . .   By: ncdm

This beautiful quote is from: Cardinal VIGANO’s defense of Virgin Mary in response to Pope Francis – 2019-Dec-20 [lifesitenews.com] by Diane Montagna

Mga kapatid, we are in the last days, the prophecies are now coming to fruition. Rome is fallen!!!

“.. in the last days, a man not canonically elected will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavor to draw many into error and death;.. . Jesus Christ will send not a true pontiff, but a  DESTROYER.Saint Francis of Assisi, [Italy-1226].

Pontiff Bergoglio, the DESTROYER, did it again! This time he destroyed Jesus Christ, he crucified Jesus anew, he nailed Him right on the neck.

Last month, 2020-May-14, Pontiff Bergoglio joined an Inter-Faith Prayers – [foxnews.com], comprising of Christians, Muslims, Jews and all the other hundred religions of the world, against Covid-19. Bergoglio said: “But how can we not pray to the father of us all? Each one prays as they know how, as they are able to. We are not praying one against the other, one tradition against another, but as brothers. . . May God have mercy on us and put an end to this tragedy, this pandemic, as well as the pandemics of hunger, war, and children without an education. This we ask as brothers and sisters, everyone together.”

Bergoglio meditating to all the gods of the universe, including of course Jesus Christ.

And all this hundred religions of the world brought their own idols, prophets, and all the gods that they can muster: Mohammed, Shiva, Brahma, Baal, Ashtarte, Beelzeboul, Ornias, Asmodeus, Baphomet, Ephippas, Pachamama, Horus, isis, Set, etc… They lined each one of them, of course including Jesus Christ, and prayed together. That was a bold move from the Vicar of Christ on earth. Simply, Pontiff Bergoglio has just declared that our Lord Jesus can’t do it alone, that He is inadequate, that He needs the help of the all the other gods of the universe.
. ..And suppose the miracle happened as they have wished for, the Covid-19 suddenly is erased on the face of the earth, totally gone, then because our Lord Jesus is just one of the hundred gods who did it, then His credit is only 1% of that miracle.

Mga kapatid, it has been foretold by the great Saint, Anne Catherine Emmerich.

“I saw the Church is in great danger – it is being so cleverly undermined. A false church, and wicked men scheming against the Catholic Church and doing much harm, the enemies of the Church tearing it down and trying to build a new one on strictly human plans, and so many of the clergy were themselves busy at this work of destruction. They were building a great, strange, and extravagant Church, everyone was to be admitted in it in order to be united and have equal rights: Evangelicals, Catholics, sects of every description. Such was to be the new Church.” – – Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich, 1774-1824 [Germany]. – – During her final twelve years of life, her only sustenance was the Holy Eucharist, totally receiving no food or water or whatever.


America: “. . . it’s coming home to roost.”

It is written on stone: “what you sow, you’ll reap.”

American soldiers guarding the poppy fields of Afghanistan. The Pentagon-CIA, in union with the Vatican, controls 95% of drug-trafficking in the world.

What’s happening in America today, 2020-June, has already happened in almost all countries of the world, and it is the Americans who did it. For the past years, a century or so, America has ‘hegemonized’ the world over, kindled wars everywhere on the planet, toppled leaders, and destroyed countries and pillaged their wealth, while its people are enjoying the nicest life on earth. America perpetuated the most vicious crimes the world has known: wars, drugs, human-trafficking. What is happening today is poetic justice. America is now declaring war on its people. The Illuminati, the crusaders of the New World Order, and the controllers of America and the world, are behind all of these. They have the money and the power, they can manipulate everything.

Chaos in America is financed by the Illuminati. Those mobs are paid protesters.

As it was before when the mob of Jews were paid to crucify Jesus, now paid protesters are crucifying President Donald Trump. These people have sold their souls to the Illuminati. They tossed their principles for thirty pieces of silver. All of them have already been tagged by the Illuminati, and they have been marked for execution. Later, they’ll be the first ones to register at the Fema concentration camps, because in the New World Order there will be no more protests. – – US Fema Concentration Camps – 2018-May-5 [disclose.tv] theresia_kihn.

Fema camps, a.k.a. concentration camps – surely there is one near you.

For the Illuminati, President Trump is their biggest stumbling block, and since day one of his presidency, they were already plotting for his ouster. -[ the titans of the Illuminati are the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and the European monarchs, and their actors or puppets are Pope Francis/Bergoglio, Pope Benedict/Ratzinger, Bill Gates, George Soros, the Clintons, Obama, Bush, Joe Biden, Angela Merkel, Macron, Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, etc… ]- When they have finally removed Trump, they will turn against each other. All these Illuminati are not happy, they are full of pride and hate, they hate each other, and they hate humanity. Actually these people are ‘not people’, they are not humans, because only humans can be happy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin: “95% of the world’s ruling class are not human, but are ‘cold-blooded hybrids’ who are members of an ancient Babylonian cult; . . Mankind has been manipulated to become ‘unconscious’ through the use of programming by media and politics, the perfect example of which was the recent Panama Papers leak. The world’s ruling class have tyrannical control over our food, water, and air supply, and they are actively dumbing down the masses.” – – Putin: The World’s Ruling Class Are Reptilians 2016-April-9 [Truth11.com] Baxter Dmitry.

In this saga, the one actually to emerge as the true victor is Donald Trump. He is to lose the White House, but then eventually he’ll find his own ‘Nirvana’, there at the feet of the crucified Jesus, there he’ll discover the genuine peace and happiness the things he never had all his entire life, with the realization that wealth, power, and fame are naught, that there’s nothing most precious than his relationship with God, the Father Almighty. As a man of God, he’s bound to increase. Later, it seems he’s likely to become a Christian pastor or preacher.


The persecution of Catholics in China

To the Catholics in China, mga kapatid, Peace be with you.
…..My prayers are with you. It’s sad that the Tribulation has arrived early on you, and it is made worse by the very efforts of Pope Francis. This Vicar of Christ on earth is indeed the DESTROYER, and he is vigorous in his mission to destroy the Catholic Church everywhere, whether it is underground or above-ground. The reason why he sent you that portentous Liberalism-Modernism-Cardinal, McCarrick. This pontiff doesn’t deserve obedience, instead he must be renounced.

Cardinal McCarrick at work and at play. He was sent to China eight times to destroy the Catholic Church there.

We are in the last days, and God has allowed these things to happen. But the Lord is always present with you. Be steadfast and persevere. Remember the escape by Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin of Mindong from his captors – it was because of your prayers. It was an act of God. It was the repeat of the escape by Apostle Peter in Acts 12:1-10. Kudos to Cardinal Zen, Bishop Guo, the courageous Catholic priests, and to all the Catholics and Christians who are suffering from the persecution. We will have our rewards from the Father Almighty, surely.

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