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The internet is like a good friend, i.e., it knows you very well. With your regular use of YouTube/Apple/Google, and your credit card purchases, the internet has already deduced prettily many things about you. It knows that your favorite color is blue, that your idol is Lebron James, that you love Chinese food, Jazz music, and fishing, and that you puff one pack of Marlboro a day and drink two vodkas a week. Then they will find that Jihadi John, the Boston Marathon bombers, Jim Jones, Idi Amin, Al Capone, Jack the Ripper, Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas, King Herod, Emperor Nero, Dracula, and Frankenstein, they all love Chinese food, Jazz music, and fishing, and they also do one pack of Marlboro a day and two vodkas a week. So the antichrist will decide that before you become a menace, he will send a drone the size of a butterfly to locate you and blow you up.

Yes, as you are reading this, all the knowledge about the entire humanity and the world are being gathered and assembled in a powerful database system with the use of the latest internet technology called “cloud computing”, or simply the “clouds”. In this computer age, everyone has an electronic footprint. Almost everything exists as a computer/electronic record like your electric bill, your purchase of refrigerator, your traffic violation, your dental visit. Practically, everyone today exists in a physical form, and also in a digitized form, and virtually, the computer takes both of them as one and the same. So every time you pay your water bill, your records in the “clouds” are updated in real time at the click of the mouse, i.e., literally you are lifted to the clouds “in the twinkling of an eye”.

All of humanity will soon be in the “CLOUDS”.

And remember your high school Algebra about the subject on sets and subsets? Taking the whole humanity as the main set, there are as many subsets in there as can be imagined like “Catholic”, “Waray”, “UPLB”, “diabetes”, “tennis”, “Ferrari”, “lambanog”, etc. . . . Surely, you belong to a thousand of these subsets. Soon these subsets will determine whether you have to live or die. Just like during World War II, when the Nazis created the subsets “Aryans” and “Jews”. Those who were marked as “Jew” were rounded-up and sent to Auschwitz -[ three years from now, there will be an Auschwitz in many places ]-. Truly I say to you, the cumulation of these subsets where one belongs to, or the totality of all the “marks” associated to one’s name is the Mark of the Beast. It defines you. The mark of the beast is YOU.

And truly I say to you, those who have a Birth Certificate at this very moment, including the newly-borns, already possess the Mark of the Beast. The only ones who are free of the mark are those living in caves in the Amazon jungle.

Soon, calamities, pestilences, and famines will ravage the planet. Circumstances will force the antichrist to decide that the best solution is to trim down the population. So those who bear the marks “90 years old”, “dementia”, “dialysis”, and “wheel-chair” must be rounded up and sent to Auschwitz. Later, he will find that it is not enough, so those who bear the marks “80 years old”, “murder/rape”, “diabetes/cancer”, and “drug addict” must likewise be sent to Auschwitz.

Everything that “defines” you will be in a microchip the size of a grain of rice.

And killings will become common-place. If your mark is “Sunni” and you come across a group of Iranians, you will be killed; if your mark is “1%” and you meet a group of “99%”, you will be killed.

Truly I say to you, this “prophecy” will come to pass. That “Big Data” out there, i.e., the internet is growing bigger by the nanosecond. All bits of knowledge are being captured and kept by the antichrist relentlessly. Everyone of us in that big data is vulnerable – the big brother keeps watching. Mga kapatid, only the divine protection will shield you. You must repent for your sins and surrender to God. With your sincerity, God may consider you.

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