On 25 March, 2022, Pope Francis led the Catholic Church in the CONSECRATION of Russia and Ukraine for peace. About three months later, on June 15, he announced that “it’s now World War 3.”. . Francis expressed the view that the war in Ukraine “was perhaps in some way either provoked or not prevented.” – … Read moreBehold FOUR HORSEMEN


“As a chemist I say these GRAPHENE are “razor-blades”. And I see how doctors do not know enough about chemistry. But they are doing chemistry in the body, in small children, in pregnant women. But now you doctors know what you are doing and if you continue to inject, you are murderers. Go out, give … Read moreRAZOR-BLADE

‘USELESS EATERS’ have transformed into

FOOL-PROOF VACCINE PASSPORT!!!. cannot be faked, 100% genuine!!! The French government has detected 110,000 fake vaccine passes, as scammers around the world, from Europe, America, and to Asia are having a field day churning out bounteous fake vax passports. And now, catching the cheaters has become easy and straightforward. Any coin, key, paperclip, hairpin, USB … Read more‘USELESS EATERS’ have transformed into


The UNVAXXED across the world are revolting, punching, kicking, screaming, challenging the police tooth and nail. They are chased everywhere, they are running, jumping, dancing, swimming, and flying, . . . while the VAXXED are getting sick, hospitalized, . . and unfortunately dropping dead. . . Mga kapatic, indeed NATURAL IMMUNITY works, so don’t lose … Read moreGREAT RESET IN FULL SWING