“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” Nathan Rothschild, 1777-1836.

Who Controls America?

2020-Feb-12   . . .   By: ncdm

Is it President Donald Trump, or the Wall Street, or the CIA-NSA, or the Federal Reserve? The answer is: none of the above. . . And there’s no mystery in here. The truth is, the one who controls America is right there hiding in plain sight. He’s the one who prays most fervently, . . .

and also the one who laughs the loudest.

It’s the Vatican. The one who controls America is the Vatican-Jesuits-Illuminati. They own Donald Trump, Wall Street, the CIA-NSA-Pentagon, and the Federal Reserve, and almost everything that zests your life. They own the government, the internet, Hollywood, TV and news media, petroleum, electricity, water, steel, banking, shipping, and all of the above. They decide what movies you can see, the information you can get, the food that you eat [with GMO], the water that you drink [with Flouride], the air that you breathe [with Chemtrails], your health with medicine (vaccines) that destroy reproductive organs, etc . . . And indeed at the end of the day, “all roads lead to Rome.”

The Vatican is the single richest entity on planet earth. It owns not just “thousands upon thousands of churches, cathedrals, monasteries, nunneries, schools, and sundry edifices throughout the world” but is also the world’s biggest stockbroker in Wall Street and everywhere. Wherever there is money, the tentacles of the Vatican are there, good or bad, illicit or not. Using its most effective and powerful tool – the CIA -, the Vatican is the world’s biggest trafficker of children, drugs, and guns and ammunitions. – – Colossal Wealth of the Vatican – by Avro Manhattan [cai.org]

Investigative Journalist David Yallop wrote a book called, “In God’s name”. He clearly documented how most of the illegal drug money made in the US and abroad ends up in the Vatican Bank. Yallop showed the seeming connection between the: Vatican, the P2 Masonic Lodge [The Jesuits wrote the 33 Scottish Rite Masonic degree’s, as well as the Memphis/Misraim Masonic degrees] and the Mafia in relation to international drug trafficking. – – 2015-Feb-2: The Jesuit and Vatican International Drug Trafficking Empire – [reptiliandimension.wordpress.com]

“The Jesuits are one of the largest stockholders in the American steel company, Republic and National. They are also among the most important owners of the four greatest aircraft manufacturing companies in the U.S., Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas and Curtis-Wright. No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the knowledge of the Vatican’s part in it. And no significant world situation exists in which the Vatican does not play an important explicit or implicit role.” Avro Manhattan, (1914–1990) writer, philosopher, and Knight of Malta, author of Vatican Billions.

But the biggest truth is, it’s really the Vatican that controls the whole world. It is the front and center of the “Trinity of Global Control”.

“When a person became a prime minister, president, central bank governor, etc., they were visited by authorities of the Vatican Bank. The new world leader is given can be up to US $1 billion as a welcome into an exclusive club under a warning that if they refuse to cooperate they would be killed.” – – 2019-March-9: Vatican Blackmails World Leaders – by Judy Byington [operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com]


. . but who controls the Vatican?

“The Jesuits have done more moral harm in this world than all the fiendish armies of the mythical Satan. Whatever extravagance may seem to be involved in this remark, will disappear when our readers in America, who now know little about them, are made acquainted with their principles and rules as they appear in various works written by the Jesuits themselves.; That crafty, learned, conscienceless, terrible soul of Jesuitism, within the body of Romanism, is slowly but surely possessing itself of the whole prestige and spiritual power that clings to it.;
. . The Roman Catholic Church is rapidly decaying from within. It is honeycombed throughout, and is being devoured by the ravenous microbes begotten by Loyola. It is no better now than a Dead Sea fruit, fair for some to look at, but full of the rottenness of decay and death within. Roman Catholicism is but a name. As a Church it is a phantom of the Past and a mask. It is absolutely and indissolubly bound up with, and fettered by the Society of Ignatius Loyola.”
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, (1831–1891) Russian Occultist, Philosopher, Rosicrucian, Theosophist, Co-Founder of the Theosophical Society, & Author of Isis Unveiled & The Secret Doctrine.

Demons control the Vatican. They are the ones running the show there. Last month, 2020-January, I stumbled upon this very telling video. I let you judge it yourself.

2013-May-29 – The DEVIL watching over Pope Benedict XVI – YouTube: 9 mins. [robert gary]That little girl on the left of Pope Benedict is a demon, actually a reptilian that shape-shifted to a little girl, I declare this in God’s name. Even my 8-year old granddaughter, in front of her favorite chocolate bar, will not or never do that.

I would assume that after this Pope Benedict’s message, there was to be a “BLACK MASS” inside the Vatican, where a child, usually a young girl, is sacrificed. The Black Mass is actually the traditional Latin Mass but celebrated in reverse. The young girl is drugged and raped, and then killed, her blood is drunk by the participants, then she is dismembered and her liver, heart and brain are feasted on. This little girl on Benedict’s left is a reptilian demon who eat humans, and she was already salivating and craving. In the Vatican, child sacrifices are regularly held, much more so now where there is an endless supply of children from North African refugees that “swarmed” Italy and Europe.

Karen Hudes is the whistleblower with that astounding and indisputable credentials. She is a graduate of Yale Law School, and she worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 years. In fact, when she was fired for blowing the whistle on corruption inside the World Bank, she was holding the position of Senior Counsel. She was in a unique position to see exactly how the Vatican, the Jesuits, and the global elite rules the world, and the information that she is now revealing to the public is absolutely stunning.

Karen Hudes says the god of the Vatican is an ALIEN GOD – YouTube: 7 mins. [Ancient Magostribe] – Karen mentioned the Homo Copensis, who are not humans but entities from out of this world, who are the ones calling the shots in the Vatican. In actuality these are demons who are disguised as “ETs”, and are just one of several kinds of ETs inside the Vatican right now. They are “occupying the Vatican and functioning through the Jesuit Order.” Karen avowed that the Jesuits are behind all the secret societies of the world, that “they are the traitors to humanity.” All the wealth of the world are gobbled up by the Vatican-Jesuits, while the world is starving.

Mga kapatid, don’t lose cognizance of the truth that when Satan was cast out of heaven, God made this universe for him and his minions. Man has sinned because we allowed ourselves to be deceived by Satan, that’s why we lost heaven, and why we are also consigned in here together with those demons. But with HIS unfathomable Divine Mercy, God still seeks us for reconciliation. And HE sent his angels to help and guide us. Satan rules this world “by default”. In the universe, there are only three eminent creatures: man, angels, and demons.

FYI:- Not too long ago, man believed that there was only one galaxy. Then there was the telescope, and man saw that there were thousands, then there were millions, and billions. Fifteen years ago, the number stood at 100 billion galaxies, each galaxy holding 100 billion stars. And then further research, now the number stands at two trillion galaxies, . . . and it seems those scientists have just started counting. – – 2017-Jan-16 [phys.org]: A Universe Of Two Trillion Galaxies – University of Nottingham, and Royal Astronomical Society

This universe is indeed mind-boggling. The depth of its complexity and mystery is inconceivable. Satan uses this to deceive us, to lead us astray, because what God wants is for us not to be concerned with this universe, not to be overwhelmed and distracted by this world around us. Simply, God wants us to just focus on ourselves, just to know ourselves. KNOW YOURSELF.

People must understand that our time on earth is meant for gaining Heaven. – Saint Maria Simma, 1915-2004, Austria [Sonntag]

Mga kapatid, these ETs are demons. They are all over this universe, they inhabit all the galaxies. This is their world, and they control the Vatican now. They have promised all these Vatican people, Pope Francis and his cardinals, of a utopian world ahead. Francis wants to control us, to gather us into one flock, to a One World Government. In this way, we together will all be herded away from God. Francis will deliver all of us to Satan.

The prelate who goes to heaven goes alone. But the prelate who goes to hell brings with him a thousand others. – Padre PIO.

2017-June-15 – Boy’s Near Death Experience Exposes Hidden Alien Demon Agenda – YouTube: 4 mins. [UFOmania] – Mga kapatid, This boy told the TRUTH – these things are about to happen. Jeremy, a 10-year old boy drowned and was declared dead for forty minutes, but came back alive. He revealed to his mother, just before he passed away at age 13, that the extra-terrestials that we know about are actually “demons in disguise”. He prophesied the Third World War, that will involve demons, disguised as ETs, among the invading forces, and these demons will be eating humans. He also made vivid description of heaven.

Mga kapatid, whistleblowers are waking up. They can feel “interiorly” the urgency of the moment. They may not see the whole picture, that these ETs are actually demons, but at least with enormous courage, they are now speaking out against the “DEEP STATE”, and many of them even got murdered.

“The Reptilians have been in control of this planet for thousands of years. Most of the worlds leaders are in fact Reptilian shapeshifters like Obama, Clinton, the Bushes, and those European monarchs. These leaders are assisting Reptilians in carrying out operations against humanity. Some because of an affinity of their goals and values willingly perform Satanic Rituals and Human Sacrifice. Others are forced to comply, they have no choice in the matter (mind control, coercion).” – from Bill Tompkins, among the who’s who in the aviation industry since World War II, and worked for North American Aviation, TRW, Northrop, and Douglas Aircraft, designing advanced space crafts and weapons systems, and assisted with the Saturn and Apollo Space Programs for NASA.– – 2017-October-26: Exposing Reptilian Control of Earth – by Patrick C. [bendedreality.com]

2016-August-24: IRAN- Edward Snowden New Leak Prove American Alien Agenda – YouTube: 4 mins. [Top Win Fail] – Foxnews discussed revelations by Snowden.

Mga kapatid, prophecies are now coming to fruition. Pope Francis is destroying the Catholic Church and putting in place the One World Religion, the lynchpin of everything New World Order.

One World Religion with the VICAR of Christ on earth as the chief architect.

You, Catholics of the world, be steadfast, we are now in the last days. Jesus is coming to separate the sheeps from the goats, and to gather the grains from the chaff.

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  2. Schools are places of learning but they are also workplaces, and teachers are employees. As such, are teachers more akin to professionals or to factory workers in the amount of control they have over their work? And what difference does it make?

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