2023-05-31, where is small gate and narrow road

“…but the SCRIPTURES must be fulfilled.” – Mark 14:49. Along with the Scriptures, the PROPHECIES are now fulfilling. Mga Kapatid, IT’S THE ENDTIMES.. . There is no stopping GOD’S WRATH now. Humanity keeps sinning, unmindful of the many forewarnings of the imminent CHASTISEMENT. We remain disobedient, stubborn, arrogant, and ever engrossed in our worldly cravings. … Read more2023-05-31, where is small gate and narrow road

2022-10-25 When COMMUNISTS RULE the world, then ‘6th SEAL’

The Congress of Leaders of the World and Traditional Religions, 2022-September-14, Kazakstan. . . The symbolism is unmistakable and astounding – THEY ARE THE FREEMASONS!!! THEY ARE NOT HIDING ANYMORE, THEY ARE IN PLAIN SIGHT… This is the biggest gathering of the world’s top FREEMASONS.. They are the COMMUNISTS. They are the SATANISTS.. YES, FREEMASONRY, … Read more2022-10-25 When COMMUNISTS RULE the world, then ‘6th SEAL’


On 25 March, 2022, Pope Francis led the Catholic Church in the CONSECRATION of Russia and Ukraine for peace. About three months later, on June 15, he announced that “it’s now World War 3.”. . Francis expressed the view that the war in Ukraine “was perhaps in some way either provoked or not prevented.” – … Read moreBehold FOUR HORSEMEN