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COVID is the Pandemic of NON SEQUITUR

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DILG Secretary Eduardo Año contracted Covid-19 in 2020-March, and then again in August. . . . they say it’s a pandemic. . . . but twice he got it, and he’s alive and well. . . . anong klaseng pandemya yan? . . . lokohan na ‘to! . . . ayawan na! . . . soli pera!!!


Pandemic of NON SEQUITUR – PART 2

“everything we’re told is a LIE!!!”

2021-April-25   . . .   By: ncdm

Three weeks ago on April 7, Malacanang reported 126 members of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) have contracted Covid-19. Again they stressed ‘ facemask, handwash, social distance.’  On the same day, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) said 522 railway workers (LRT1, LRT2, MRT3, PNR) were also positive for Covid – once again their mantra: ‘ facemask, handwash, social distance.’  And exactly a week after that on April 14, 130 villages in Pasay City were put under lockdown as they registered a thousand Covid. And again: ‘ facemask, handwash, social distance.’

But what is this?

ZERO Covid cases in Manila City Jail, Payatas Dumpsite, and in the poorer sections of the city, though they don’t have facemask, handwashing, and social distancing.

YES, in places where facemask, handwash, and social distancing don’t exist, the number of Covid cases is ZERO, bokya . . . . me pandemya ba? . . . . lokohan na ‘to! . . . ayawan na! . . soli pera!!!

And it’s also true in many cities across America, like in Los Angeles, California. In this video,  reports of the situation on the “Skid Row” of LA, the home of the homeless. It is described how the people there are oblivious of any ‘health protocol’ whatsoever, the surrounding is dirty with the stench so strong it penetrates the car. It’s apparent as noted by the author: facemask, handwash, social distancing, as well as COVID-19, they all don’t exist here.

Indeed it’s pretty obvious, it’s a no-brainer, that wherever there is no facemask and handwash, there is NO COVID, and wherever there is so much facemask, handwash, and social distancing, Covid is wreaking havoc. . . lokohan na ‘to! . . . ayawan na! . . soli pera!!!

In NORWAY, the government has banned the AstraZeneca vaccine saying the risk of dying from it is greater than from Covid-19.

In CANADA, Dr. CHARLES HOFFE defies gag order as he tells the public how MODERNA Covid shots killed and peremanently disabled indigenous people in his community.

In ISRAEL, experts say it’s the second HOLOCAUST as they claim that Pfizer’s shot causes “mortality hundreds of times greater in young people compared to mortality from coronavirus without the vaccine, and dozens of times more in the elderly, when the documented mortality from coronavirus is in the vicinity of the vaccine dose, thus adding greater mortality from heart attack, stroke, etc.”

INDIA: cremating “covid vaccine victims”.

INDIA cremations: buzzing around is the strong suspicion that most of these corpses were victims of the Covid vaccine – they died, many immediately, after they were jabbed.



The 126 members of the PSG who were infected with Covid, mentioned above, all of them were asymptomatic. Also all those 522 railways workers, and almost all those who were quarantined in Pasay City, they showed no signs of the disease, meaning they all look healthy, they all are asymptomatic. . . . clearly these are ‘false positives’.

In 2020-August, the esteemed New York Times said the PCR test results in America are ‘90% false positives’. And the eminent Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer (now retired), also said “those reports could be 100% false.”  Since then, tens of thousands of doctors and scientists around the world, like The Great Barrington Declaration which may now have 100,000 signatories, have come forward to denounce the government health authorities’ management of the Covid situation, openly expressing their indignation against the obvious deceitful reporting of figures and the draconian measures that follow, particularly the deemed unscientific LOCKDOWNS. Lamentably they are totally suppressed by the BIG PHARMA dominated mainstream media, and also by the Illuminati controlled social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook. Even in the Philippines, the old stalwart Manila Times even put up two editorials on this issue, but obviously it was totally ignored by the government.

These deceitful figures were done on purpose, they are FEARMONGERING TOOLS – to scare the people to the vaccine.

In 2020-December, the International Consortium of Scientists in Life Sciences (ICSLS) have issued alarms that the current COVID affairs and management that centers around the PCR test is a FLAWED science, describing it as a ‘donut ring science’ which has nothing solid at the center, it’s hollow. They accused all the governments and health authorities of being ‘intellectually dishonest’. . . . hello DOH Sec Duque, hello Usec Vergeire. . .



The crucial aspect of the PCR test is its ‘Cycle Threshold’ or Ct. It’s quite technical, but in a nutshell:

Cycle Threshold or Ct is defined as the number of cycles of amplification required for the fluorescence of a PCR product (the swab specimen) to be detected crossing a threshold, which is above the background signal (a low-level signal in the assay regardless of whether the target is present or not). If the target RNA is present, in this case the Sars-Cov-2 RNA, each round of amplification or CYCLE results in a doubling of the amount or ‘quantity’ of the target RNA. As the amplification progresses, the amount of the target RNA increases exponentially.

In two independent studies, which already have been peer-reviewed and cited by two hundred other studies, the PUBMED and MEDRXIV have established that infectivity or the infectiousness of the Sars-Cov-2 virus should only be considered up to Ct-24. Beyond Ct-24, or as it goes higher from Ct-25, the infectiousness becomes more ‘unreliable’, meaning FALSE POSITIVE.

The world-renowned Thai-German microbiologist (now retired) Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, co-author of the Europe best selling book “Corona False Alarm”, explains the PCR test:

It’s like you took a sip of vodka, then you drive and the police stops you and checks your breath, then says “OK, you’re positive but not drunk, go home, be careful.”  But the way governments are implementing the PCR test, whether you took just a drop of vodka or ten bottles, you are always declared positive, and it is TRUE POSITIVE so you must be quarantined. “False Positive” doesn’t exist in their universe.

In this video about that resident of Kamuning, QC who arrived from Dubai in January and was tested positive with what they say “UK variant”, Usec Vergeire clearly admitted that they consider everything as positive regardless of whether it is Ct-24, or 34, or 44 – “walang masamang tinapay sa kanya.” As long as the PCR shows flourescence, that’s POSITIVE regardless of Ct, it’s taken as the truth, the GOSPEL Truth. In their world there’s no such thing as false positive, it simply doesn’t exist. So all these 200 people who came with him in the plane, and those he met at home, they have to be quarantined. Though they look healthy with no sign of sickness whatsoever, Usec Vergeire said all these people are sicked, and dangerous as they can spread the disease, the reason for the quarantine. That’s a BIG LIE!. Tens of thousands of doctors and scientists around the world say aymptomatics don’t spread the disease, and most possibly are not sicked at all. This is even validated by the World Health Organization’s diseases expert Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove. . . To quarantine healthy people, prevent them from earning a living and stop them from doing what they have to do is CRIMINAL. . . I hope Usec Vergeire and her cohorts are prosecuted.

And to further this INSANITY, those bogus Covid figures fabricated by Vergeire are being used by the ARNOT clowns of UP-Diliman as they project their own insanity. These clowns are not funny, they are EVIL.

The ARNOT clowns of UP-Diliman: Guido Arnot and Ranjit Arnot a.k.a. Octa Research Group.

Everytime these ARNOT clowns appear, all the people cower in FEAR. They keep terrorizing people, always threatening, always screaming “tomorrow will be 20,000 covid cases!” . . . God will punish them, surely.


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