It’s 2024-January, the mission ORDO AB CHAO is rampaging, the WEF’s GREAT RESET is earnestly steering the WORLD DISORDER, the worldwide ECONOMY has collapsed, the INFLATION is sky high, all the world’s currencies are in a tailspin, there are shortages of everything, FAMINE is wreaking havoc, and so the US government is forced to issue the one billion US$ bill.

Soon, it will be a billion dollars for a loaf of bread.

. . . but this will not happen as the digital dollar, or the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) has already been introduced. BEHIND these WEF-designed distractions, these ‘GREAT RESET SIDESHOWS’ – these facade of wars, world economic collapse, shortages and famine, and the calamities which many are man-made (HAARP-generated earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, typhoons, floods…), the ruling class [World Economic Forum], as they keep us on the edge, will catch all of us flat-footed with the roll out of the CBDC. Seemingly unknown and unnoticed for so many years, CBDC is now progressing vigorously – it’s full steam ahead.. . Yes finally we, the world’s USELESS EATERS, the 99.9% of humanity, are now SLAVES.

The 2024 US presidential candidate ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR, the nephew of President JFK, the staunch anti-COVID vax advocate.

In the words of AGUSTIN CARLSTEN (Bank for International Settlements head) in 2020-October:

AGUSTIN CARLSTEN (Bank for International Settlements head) in 2020-October.

“… our analysis of the CBDC for the general use, we can establish the equivalence with cash, and there is huge difference there, for example in cash we don’t know who is using the $100 bill today, or the one thousand peso bill. A key difference with the CBDC is that central bank will have ABSOLUTE CONTROL ON THE RULES AND REGULATIONS to determine the use of that expression of central bank liability, and also we will have the TECHNOLOGY TO ENFORCE that. Those two issues are extremely important, that makes huge difference with respect to what cash is.”

CBDC is unstoppable, it is set to control the whole world. thus sending many economists in huge uproar. Economist LENA PETROVA (2023-May-5) informs and enlightens us that CBDC has been launched by the World Bank and the IMF.. . MICHELLE MAKORI (Kitco News, 2023-May-15) and JOHN BUTLER (Southbank Investment Research) discuss the rollout of CBDCs, and why they could lead to ‘dystopian’ scenarios playing out in which government control becomes ORWELLIAN.

However, this cabal of satanists, the world’s ruling class, the all powerful WEF, assures us:

“You will own nothing, and YOU’LL BE HAPPY.

The USELESS EATER who owns nothing, and the ruling class who owns everything – they are both happy, much happier than a pig in shit.

You will own nothing . . .
Let’s break it down. The first statement, you’ll own nothing, is a CERTAINTY. Surely you’ll own nothing (all of us SLAVES), but our masters – the ruling class of the WEF, these minions of the antichrist – they will own everything.. . The second statement, you’ll be happy, is a PROMISE – for which they have absolutely no intention of keeping – the way they promised that the COVID-19 VACCINE is “SAFE and EFFECTIVE” [700,000 person study from Israel showed that Covid Vaccine is a FLOP.], and look what happened, tens of millions killed and maimed, far more deaths caused by the vaccine than by the disease. Indeed this cure is worst than the disease.

Everything has been set up, you will own nothing whether you are a believer (of Jesus) or a non-believer. CBDC is a done deal, it’s a FAIT ACCOMPLI – it’s the MARK OF THE BEAST.. [UNIFIED LEDGER for CBDCs – Tokenisation of Money and Real Assets for the GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM, 2023-June-20]. Most of humanity, those non-believers who are too attached to the world – because they can’t survive without the comforts, convenience, niceties and vanities of the world – will agree, comply, and yield to the CBDC. The very thought of having no money scares them to the core. That’s the trap they are caught in, for which there is no escape.

On the other hand, the believers, completely trusting the Lord Jesus, will renounce the world, and will abandon and depart the world. God is there, they will not be forsaken. They will be gathered in sanctuaries or refuges where the pursuing armies of the antichrist cannot reach. And just like the ‘birds of the air who don’t sow or reap and yet being fed by the FATHER, the believers will not worry about food and drink and clothes.’. [Matthew 6:25.]. Whatever provision they have, it will not be exhausted, but instead will be multiplied like ‘the little flour and oil of the widow of Zarepath (and Elijah) that lasted for years during the drought’[1 Kings 17:15.]., and the ‘five loaves of bread and two fish that were multiplied to feed five thousand people’[Matthew 14:17.].

Mga kapatid, it’s the ENDTIMES.. . . REPENT, REPENT, REPENT!!!


What can anyone give in EXCHANGE for their SOUL?

2023-August-26   . . .   By: ncdm

JOB is a man of large possessions, highly honored by all who knew him, and of unimpeachable integrity toward God. Satan came and taunted God saying if Job is reduced to nothing, he will curse God. God allowed Satan to test Job. Job was stripped of everything he has – sheeps, camels, cows, houses, and all his ten children – and was wretched physically. But up to the end Job remained faithful and never impeached God. He said:

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
and naked I will depart.
The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away;
may the name of the LORD be praised.
– Job 1:21.

Actually, YOU OWN NOTHING!. It is the LORD who gives, and who takes away.

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must DENY THEMSELVES and take up their cross and follow me. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?. Or what can anyone give in EXCHANGE for their soul?.. I will reward each person according to his WORKS. – Matthew 16:24.

SELF-DENIAL and SELF-SACRIFICE for the salvation of humanity – these are the CROSS that Jesus carried on Calvary, and these are the CROSS that we must carry in COMMUNION with Jesus. They are the WORKS, the CHARITY, the alms-giving, the teaching of the Gospel, the counselling, the love of neighbor that we have to do.

“Charity covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. “ – 1 Peter 4:8.


“whatever you do to one of the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto ME.” – Matthew 25:40.

The champion of self-denial and self-sacrifice are the SAINTS, the true disciples of Jesus. Professing by example, they have denied the world and embraced poverty. All Saints never amassed wealth, they have shunned wealth, they all died poor, with no property, with no ATTACHMENT to this world. Notable are the Franciscans. We can glean the lives of Saint Francis of Assisi (1181-1226), Saint Anthony of Padua (1195-1231), and Saint Clare of Assisi (1194-1253). All born with a silver spoon, all belonging to a family of remarkable wealth and nobility, they turned their back and embraced poverty. They left a life of luxury and fame and vowed to live life sine proprio or “without possessing.”.

Because of their devotion, the Saints were bestowed divine graces – healing, prophecy, and miracles. Among the celebrated miracles by St. Clare happened in 1240-September. The conquering army of Saracens (Muslims) came and began attacking the walls of the San Damiano convent (Assisi, Italy) where St. Clare was the Abbes. Standing on the open window in clear view of the attackers, St. Clare held the monstrance bearing the Holy Eucharist and prayed to God. For some unknown reasons, a sudden fright struck the attackers, and they dropped their weapons, and they fled away as fast as they could with their tail in-between their legs.

TIP of the day: All the Saints profess that the best way to go to Heaven, even perhaps skipping Purgatory, is by disposing off all wealth before death as offering to God, or to Charity.. . Our every ATTACHMENT to this world is a stumbling block to our eternal life.


ALEXANDER The Great (Macedonia, 356-323 BC). . .
The son of Philip II, king of Macedonia. From age 13 to 16 he was personally mentored by ARISTOTLE (384-322 BC), the great Greek philosopher, who enthused him with a fascination in philosophy, medicine, and scientific investigation. When King Philip II died in 336 BCE, the 20-year old Alexander assumed the throne. He turned out to be one of history’s greatest military minds who, in just 13 years of conquest – without losing a single battle -, established the largest empire the ancient world had ever seen that stretched from the Balkans to Egypt, the Middle East, Pakistan, and the border of India. However he died at age 33, succumbing to high fever that didn’t go away. But before he died, he made three wishes on his deathbed:

1. I want only my doctors to carry my coffin;

2. the road to the grave must be covered with gold, silver, and precious stones;

3. my hands should be dangling out of the coffin.

His generals were shocked at the ‘strange wishes’, so they asked the WHYs of these wishes. So Alexander answered:

1. I want my doctors to carry my coffin “to show to the world that in the face of death, even the best doctors are powerless.”

2. I want the road to be strewn with wealth “to show that none of my wealth will come with me”.

3. I want my hands to dangle “so people know I came into this world EMPTY-HANDED.”

Historians believe those wishes arose from the far-reaching influence by Aristotle on the young Alexander. Aristotle, a firm believer of God and Creation said: “The best form of philosophy is the contemplation of the universe of nature; it is for this purpose that God made human beings and gave them a godlike intellect. All else – strength, beauty, power, and honour – is worthless.”

* * *

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