“Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’ She has become the dwelling for demons and the haunt for every impure spirit!”Revelation 18:2.

This is not Jesus, Maria, and Joseph. These are the Egyptian deities Isis and Osiris, and their son Horus – these are DEMONS. The Vatican is now ruled by DEMONS.

Last December’s Nativity Scene in the Vatican was never about Nativity – it was but a subtle and ingenious announcement. With fervor, the VICAR of Christ on earth just announced a new era for the Vatican, the Catholic Church, and the World – we are now ruled by demons.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”Ephesians 6:12.

Now, all governments of all the nations of the world are but a facade. It’s the Vatican JESUITS, it’s the Luciferian ILLUMINATI, it’s the BLACK POPE Fr. Arturo Sosa now controlling the whole world. With OPERATION COVID-19, the cabal are almost there at their ultimate goal of world domination, the Luciferian NWO (New World Order) wherein we all become slaves, and they our masters.

Covid-19 was an engineered worldwide bankruptcy program, to shove all the wealth of the the world in favor of the ruling class, and at the same time impoverish all the humanity. Last year, with just a sleight of hand, hundreds of millions of workers lost jobs, all small businesses closed, all transportation stopped, and life as we know it stood still. In the twinkling of an eye, 7 billion people were put under house arrest. Now a year after, all the nations of the world wallow under massive unemployment, hopelessness, and despair. With insurmountable debts, all humanity have become slaves. All these were contrived by this marvelous orchestra of BIG PHARMA, the BIG CORRUPT GOVERNMENT, and the BIG CORRUPT MEDIA all playing magnificently under the baton of the Luciferian ILLUMINATI.

Mga kapatid, Covid-19 is the biggest HOAX in history, and the biggest CRIME against humanity. We are now at the very edge of our existence. The Covid-19 vaccine being rolled out today is totally the apocalyptic Pandora’s box – not just a depopulation bomb to sterilize the people and kill many, everything in it is totally EVIL. Through that vaccine, our LUCIFERIAN OVERLORDS are to inject us with a “nano-technology computer operating system” to fully possess and control us, to turn us into a “TRANSHUMAN”. Yes, it’s unmistikably a signature job of Bill Gates, and indeed it was conceived and concocted in HELL.

And so you think Joe Biden is the president of the USA. He’s NOT! It’s the Luciferian DeepState pulling the strings on him. He was assigned there simply to complete the destruction of America. . ., and behold, the first are China and America, then all the dominoes will fall one by one.

Mga kapatid, always pray the Holy Rosary.

Mga kapatid, it will happen in about a hundred days from now, in the month of May to June, the ‘Illumination of Conscience’, or “the WARNING” as prophesied in 1965 in Garabandal, and in Medjugorje. Mga kapatid, I admonish you to repent for your sins now, and make reparations for your sins. The Warning will come too late for many. In an hour, millions will die. Also pray for your parish priest, because after the Warning, the persecution of the Church will intensify, and priests will be on the run and hiding. Later, it will be hard to find a priest. Always pray the Holy Rosary. The Blessed MOTHER assures us: “in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”


COVID-19 is not Science, it’s VOODOO

“everything we’re told is a LIE!!!”

2021-February-21   . . .   By: ncdm

Remember how they heedlessly spread lung cancer to the unsuspecting public for decades up to the 1960s?

2012-Oct-14 [graficsfx]: A Bit of NOSTALGIA: Camel Cigarette ads circa 1960 – Youtube 1 min.- beautiful, filmed in black and white, unmistikably 1960s.

Today, the public has remained largely unsuspecting, as the Luciferian ILLUMINATI unleashed the greatest scourge in the history of mankind: COVID-19. Only the Luciferian governments and the Luciferian mainstream media (MSM) say it is real. They kept the airwaves filled with this unrestrained round-the clock barrage of diabolical propaganda, this truly VOODOO incantation of “covid, covid, covid . .”, “lockdown, lockdown, lockdown . .”, “facemask, facemask, facemask . .”, and “FEAR, FEAR, FEAR” – this has made the people illitirate and paralyzed – we’ve become as dead-brained ZOMBIES.

Fortunately, some have kept their sanity. For a year now, tens of thousands of eminent doctors, scientists, and including lawyers around the world -[ Great Barrington Declaration, America’s Frontline Doctors, German Doctors, Spanish Doctors, etc…]- have been looking for that research literature or science paper on Covid-19 to do a peer-review, and so far they all failed.

FYI:- PEER-REVIEW is the evaluation of work by one or more people with similar competencies as the producers of the work (peers). It functions as a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field. Its methods are used to maintain quality standards, improve performance, and provide credibility. Peer-review can be categorized by the type of activity and by the field or profession in which the activity occurs, e.g., medical peer review. PEER-Review – [wikipedia]

They are illustrious men of science who have already proven themselves and who are not after PROFITS, only seeking the TRUTH, with a genuine desire to help and contribute to the humanity. They have totally scoured the whole planet earth looking for that incredibly elusive SARS-COV-2 virus and up to now they are unsuccessful.  Petitions for FOIs (Freedom of Information Act) reveal that health and science institutions around the world have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation and/or purification, anywhere, ever. So conclusively, they all say, “it must be Covid-19 doesn’t exist.” And now more and more, its clearer this “PLANDEMIC” is just a pretext to sequester all the wealth of the world, to effectively impoverish all of us, and then mandatorily vaccinate us.

FYI:- To prove Covid-19, SARS-COV-2 viral particles have to be actually isolated and purified, and then prove that those particles cause the Covid-19 disease when transferred to a host in a physiologic manner. The genetic material is irrelevant unless those particles are shown to be true “viruses”. These have yet to be done. Up to now, Sars-Cov-2 has failed the KOCH’s Postulates.

It’s obvious the main trick of this pandemic propaganda is to fool us into thinking that for COVID-19 there has to be 1 virus, 1 cause and 1 disease. But the symptons shown by Covid-19 are the same as the other diseases like the common flu and pneumonia. This Voodoo NWO promoters and agents make us think that when you have a severe coughing and loss of smell and taste, then that’s surely Covid-19, and definitely can never be the common flu or pneumonia. And so these Voodoo government health agencies tally every incident of coughing as a “case” of Covid-19, thus ballooning the stats, scaring us to death, bewildering us to panic, and indeed blatantly fooling us.

Dr. LEE MERRITT, MD: Bio-warfare and Weaponization of Medicine Amid Covid – [bitchute.com] video 59 mins. – is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons; Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society life member, former military doctor; . . the world is facing biological warfare; the $10 Hydroxychloroquine, though 70 years proven effective, is clobbered by the US$70 billion vaccine industry; . .MUST WATCH: well-documented expose.


. . . and then I had a dream, . . a bad dream, . . . a very bad dream . . .

. . and I saw a grand hall, and I saw Tedros, and I saw Fauci and Bill Gates, and all the leaders of all the nations of the world, they were in the hundreds, and I saw the heads of all the MSM, thousands of them, . . and all their eyes were closed, and I heard them uttering, and humming, . . it was a familiar tune, it was that of the melancholic song “The Winner takes it all”, . . and they were chanting, its their mantra . . .

lockdddowwwwwwnnnnnnnn . . . .
xxxxxfacemaassssssssskkk . . . .
xxxxx….vacciiiiinnnnnnnnnnnne . . . .

. . and they were concentrating, they were contemplating on that fiery HELL, they were meditating on LUCIFER, they were meditating on the roasting demonic spirits in the abyss, . . . and they kept chanting again and again, a hundred times, . . and then slowly a small mist formed in front of them, its the spirit of the damned, . and slowly it was taking shape, and it became the vaccine, yes the Covid vaccine, . . and then they all vowed to their god Lucifer to vaccinate all the people of the world.

Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: “DON’T GET THE COVID VACCINE!!” As of late, thousands have already died from that vaccine.

2020-Aug-20: Dr TEDROS Adhanom: “Let’s drink to that, CHEEEERS!” – [JoinTheDots] Youtube 1 min.- “this fight against Covid is long and exhausting, but we are winning. Let’s toast to that!!!”


The TRUTH of RT-PCR Test

But first, let’s revisit our high school Biology, the Charles Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution”: the Tree of Life – all living things on earth evolved from a common ancestor, we’re all made of the same stuff, we all share common genes . . , indeed we only have one CREATOR.

from: mammothmemory.net
Fragments of human DNA are also in the DNA of other living things, from the virus and bacteria, to banana and grapes, to other animals. 99% of human DNA are also that of the chimpanzee. 24% of banana DNA are also human DNA, and also 10% that of bacteria and viruses.

It’s been established that the PCR is so effective at finding or looking for a particular DNA, and when it does find it that’s the TRUTH, the PCR won’t lie, it’s infallible, it’s the GOSPEL TRUTH. . . . yes, to look for a particular DNA, it’s the PCR’s job, it’s ONLY job, PERIOD.

What does a positive PCR test tell? The PCR is calibrated or preprogrammed to look for a genome sequence or DNA from a fluid sample, and when it results positive, it means it successfully finds the presence of that genome sequence or fragment, PERIOD. . . But to tell where the source of that fluid sample came from, whether it’s from the nose of Dr. Fauci, or from an Egyptian mummy, or from Pasig River, that is not the job of the PCR, it’s beyond its scope of function. . . So then, let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, from the inventor of the PCR himself, Dr. Kary B. Mullis, (1944-2019) who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for this invention, in this rare video interview, giving a few lessons about the PCR relative to the viruses.

Dr. Kary B. Mullis

Dr. KARY B. MULLIS on PCR testing – 2020-Sep-22, YouTube 3 mins. – the PCR is effective and can’t be misused, but its results are misinterpreted; . PCR is a quantitative thing, it only amplifies, can make invisible things visible; . . at [0:35] – “it can find anything from anybody”; . at [3:11] – “PCR is separate from identifying whether you are sicked or not, or what caused your sickness.”

Put it this way: in the highway number-coding scheme for vehicles, during Mondays plates ending in 1 and 2 are not allowed on the road. The PCR is calibrated to look for plates ending in 1 and 2, and when it sees one, then it signals positive, and its job is done, PERIOD. . It has done its function, it will not do anything anymore beyond that, it will not identify whether that vehicle is a Toyota or a Mercedes, or whether its an SUV or a garbage truck, or whether that plate is really attached to the vehicle or just flying around freely by itself on the road.

This virus Sars-Cov-2 which shut the world down and destroyed hundreds of millions of lives has still to this day never been isolated, purified and re-injected (fails Koch’s postulates), or in other words, has never been 100% proven to exist, nor 100% proven to be the cause of the disease.

In a research published by the Spanish medical journal DSALUD Discovery it claims:

“The genetic sequences used in PCRs to detect suspected SARS-CoV-2 and to diagnose cases of illness and death attributed to Covid-19 are present in dozens of sequences of the human genome itself and in those of about a hundred microbes. And that includes the initiators or primers, the most extensive fragments taken at random from their supposed “genome” and even the so-called “target genes” allegedly specific to the “new coronavirus”. The test is worthless and all “positive” results obtained so far should be scientifically invalidated and communicated to those affected; and if they are deceased, to their relatives. Stephen Bustin, one of the world’s leading experts on PCR, in fact says that under certain conditions anyone can test positive!
xeniaWe have been warning you since March: you cannot have specific tests for a virus without knowing the components of the virus you are trying to detect. And the components cannot be known without having previously isolated/purified that virus. Since then we continue to accumulate evidence that
no one has isolated SARS-CoV-2 and, more importantly, that it can never be isolated for the reasons we explained last month (read the report “Can you prove that there are pathogenic viruses?” on our website -www.dsalud.com-). And in the present report we are going to offer new data that show that RT-PCR does not detect the so called SARS-CoV-2 as it is known, but fragments of human RNA and those of numerous microbes. . . . read more . .

And now comes the admission about the PCR test by the CDC and FDA:

“Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms …this test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.”


A Pandemic of NON SEQUITUR

President John Magufuli of Tanzania has grown suspicious of the World Health Organization (WHO) over the rising Covid cases, so he decided to investigate. He put human names and ages on several samples taken from non-human subjects. Thereafter the lab came back with positive test results for a papaya, a quail, and a goat. . . Though positive, but they were all asymptomatic so there’s no danger of it spreading, as WHO specialist Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove said “asymptomatic transmission is very rare”.

President Magufuli of Tanzania: papaya, goat, and quail tested Covid positive.

On video, increasing Covid-19 skeptics are finding out the truth about Covid by testing just about everything, and indeed getting funny positive results. A member of Austrian Parliment, Ambassador Mihael Snedlik, used a quick test to Coca Cola and got positive result. An Italian scientist tested a kiwi fruit, and yes positive. A young man orders an online COVID test in the UK and simply sends it back to the lab, without swabbing it with anything . . . positive of course. . . And again, they were all asymptomatic. . . So it appears this particular genome fragment of Sars-Cov-2 is everywhere on the planet, it could be universal, it could be present in all living things, . . . hehehehe, WELCOME PANDEMIC!!!

Austrian Ambassador Mihael Snedlik testing Coca Cola;. an Italian scientist testing a kiwi fruit.

Yes, that particular Sars-Cov-2 genome fragment was beautifully chosen because it’s everywhere and in every living thing, simply it’s “TOO UNIVERSAL TO FAIL.”

“Pseudo-epidemics happen all the time”, said Dr. Trish M. Perl, past president of the Society of Health Care Epidemiologists of America. In 2007 New York Times article “Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t”, Gina Kolata detailed how declaring virus pandemics based on PCR tests can end in disaster. . . .

When used to determine the cause of a disease, the PCR test has many flaws:

1. It detects and amplifies genetic code (RNA sequences) but offers no proof these RNA sequences are of viral origin;

2. The PCR is testing for a specific RNA sequence not the full viral genome, so even if it accurately detects that RNA sequence, there is no proof that RNA sequence is from SARS-CoV-2 as it could be from another virus, microorganism or even part of your own human gene sequence;

3. PCR is not detecting a virus per se, but rather a small shattered part of the viral genome. The test comes back positive as long as there are tiny shattered parts of the virus left, because the PCR method amplifies the tiniest fraction of the viral genetic material. The virus may be deactivated or dead, but the PCR test won’t tell you;

4. Contamination is rife with PCR and any errors are magnified many times over;

5. Even a positive result does not guarantee the discovered ‘virus’ is the cause of the disease!

In summary, the PCR test doesn’t identify or isolate viruses, doesn’t provide RNA sequences of pathogens, offers no baseline for comparison with patient samples, and cannot determine an infected from an uninfected sample. Thus, PCR is staggeringly useless.

Mga kapatid, please make this TRUTH known to all the ends of the earth.


History of VACCINE

For many centuries, smallpox has devastated mankind, affecting all levels of society. In the 18th century in Europe, this “speckled monster” as it was known, killed 400,000 people annually, and left most survivors with disfiguring scars, while a third of them went blind. -[“EDWARD JENNER and the history of smallpox and vaccination”, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov 2005-Jan-18]:

FYI:- SMALLPOX and COWPOX –The word variola was commonly used for smallpox. It is derived from the Latin word varius, meaning “stained,” or from varus, meaning “mark on the skin.” The term small pockes (pocke meaning sac) was first used in England at the end of the 15th century to distinguish the disease from syphilis, which was then known as the great pockes.
xenCowpox disease is the ulcers on the teats or nipples of cows.
Human cowpox is a viral disease similar to smallpox but milder. It occurs as a self-contained localized ulcer on the hands or at other sites where scratches or abrasions allowed entry of the virus. The Latin word for cow is vacca, and cowpox is vaccinia.

While an apprentice to a country surgeon and pharmacist, Edward Jenner (1749–1823) heard a dairymaid say, “I shall never have smallpox for I have had cowpox. I shall never have an ugly pockmarked face.” After his apprenticeship, for years he kept hearing this tale that dairymaids endured their “unstained” skin because they were protected from smallpox naturally after having suffered from cowpox. Pondering, Jenner concluded that cowpox not only protected against smallpox but also could be transmitted from one person to another as a deliberate mechanism of protection. Experimenting in 1796, Jenner “inoculated” an 8-year old boy with “matters” from cowpox fresh lesions of a dairymaid. The boy developed the cowpox, and afterwards recovered. Jenner inoculated him again, this time with matters from a fresh smallpox lesion. No disease developed, and the rest was history.

On 1980-May-8, the World Health Assembly announced that the world was free of smallpox and recommended that all countries cease vaccination: “The world and all its people have won freedom from smallpox, which was the most devastating disease sweeping in epidemic form through many countries since earliest times, leaving death, blindness and disfigurement in its wake.”


The DANGERS of Vaccines

Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

But viruses were not created equal. Man may have conquered smallpox, but the battle continues for almost all the other disease causing viruses, like the coronaviruses and dengue. They are still mired in mysteries that perplex the experts.

FYI:- Antibody Dependent Enhancement – in a nutshell, it means the immunity initiated or produced by a vaccine looks good until you get the disease, and then it makes the disease much, much worse. ADE was first reported in 1964 (by Hawkes et al) and up to now is not yet fully understood. Researchers discovered that most virus vaccines produce not just one but two different types of antibodies: neutralizing antibodies that fight the infection/disease, and binding antibodies -[.also known as nonneutralizing antibodies]: that cannot prevent viral infection/disease, instead it makes the disease much much worse. Its these antibodies acting as “Trojan horse,” allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response. ADE is also known as Paradoxical Immunity Enhancement.
xenTo describe this: in an experiment in 2012 -[.after 2002 Sars-Cov, 2009 H1N1, and 2012 Mers-Cov]:, coronavirus vaccine was given to ferrets. Initial serological response tests showed the ferrets developed very strong antibodies -[.and this is the metric by which FDA licenses vaccines]:. But when those ferrets were exposed to the wild virus, they all became very sicked of the disease they were supposed to have been immuned or protected by the vaccine. And then they all died.

2016 DENGVAXIA, Philippines – Reading the data on the development of Dengvaxia by Sanofi Pasteur published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, leading epidemiologists said the trials were riddled with “small inaccuracies, missing data, and uncalculated risks.” Buried in those clinical trials were “ADE red flags”, but the pharma industry and the World Health Organization (WHO) turned a blind eye to the problem, calling it a “theoretical possibility.” Dr. Scott Halstead, who has studied dengue for more than 50 years with the U.S. military, even made a video warning the Philippine government about the problem. A year and half after the 2016-April Philippine Dengvaxia mass vaccination to 800,000 children 9-16 years of age, 600 vaccinated children died horribly of dengue, thus possible ADE cases. This case is still under the investigation of the Public Attorney’s Office.

In the Philippines in 2017, at least 600 children died horribly of dengue after they were vaccinated by the anti-dengue Dengvaxia.

And so, with this Covid panic, that Dengvaxia nightmare seems to have been forgotten. At the start of this year 2021, all over the world witnessed the roll-out of the biggest vaccination in history. The BIG PHARMA has become king, all countries jostled for vaccines, thanks to the hysteria stirred up by those diabolical mainstream media (MSM). Again, as was in Dengvaxia, top doctors and scientists around the world issued their warning: “DON’T GET THE COVID VACCINE!”

Top doctors and scientists around the world issued their warning: “DON’T GET THE COVID VACCINE!”

But they were scoffed at, as these Luciferian Illuminati went on with jubilation. So at this early, a stream of terrible aftermaths: many, mostly seniors are dying like flies.

pic ——- deaths covid

It seems this Covid vaccination is turning out to be “Dengvaxia 2.0”, so health authorities keep their fingers crossed as they sleep at night, hoping no bad news tomorrow morning. . . . But there are bad news. In Indonesia, a nurse died from COVID-19 before receiving her second vaccine shot.

Indonesian nurse dies from COVID-19 before receiving second vaccine shot

Erny Kusuma Sukma Dewi, a 33-year-old nurse from East Java, passed away on Feb. 14 while she was being treated for COVID-19 and underlying conditions, an association of nurses in the regency confirmed. According to the association, Erny received a shot of the CoronaVac vaccine on Jan. 28 as part of the nationwide program to inoculate health workers from COVID-19. Before she was able to receive her second mandatory shot, she complained of fever, difficulty breathing, and cough on Feb. 5 and was admitted to a local hospital. She was admitted to the ICU on Feb. 6 before eventually passing away on Feb. 14.

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