FOOL-PROOF VACCINE PASSPORT!!!. cannot be faked, 100% genuine!!!

MAGNET Challenge: [From around the world.] , , [From across INDIA.]

The French government has detected 110,000 fake vaccine passes, as scammers around the world, from Europe, America, and to Asia are having a field day churning out bounteous fake vax passports. And now, catching the cheaters has become easy and straightforward. Any coin, key, paperclip, hairpin, USB flash drive, cellphone, or whatever metallic, if it attaches or ‘magnetized’ to the vaccine injection point, then voila it’s definite the subject is 100% vaxxed. If it slides down, then most possibly he is unvaxxed.


Toxic GRAPHENE present in ALL Covid Vaccines

The ‘USELESS EATERS’ have transformed into ‘MAGNETRONS!’

2022-January-23    . . .   by: ncdm

Mga kapatid, we are the seven billion USELESS EATERS of planet Earth, and the ruling elite of the world, the Globalists who claim that Earth is overpopulated and becoming unhabitable, they are so obsessed in killing all of us. These murderous psychopaths have put poison, the highly toxic GRAPHENE, in ALL the Covid vaccines to ‘SLOWLY AND SILENTLY KILL US!!!’. Now those vaxxed have become “magnetized”, a clear manifestation that their body, or physical makeup, is now “corrupted”, . but more appropriately, it has been hijacked.. . Mga kapatid, WAKE UP!!!. Gumising na kayo!!!. It’s the elephant in the room that everyone don’t want to notice, it’s the cataclysm hiding in plain sight, it’s the nuclear bomb explosion in slow motion.

Ontario MPP Rick Nicholls asks Parliament why 86 STILLBIRTHS of FULLY VACCINATED mothers.


How TOXIC are the Contents of Covid Vaccine?

‘it’s SAFE and EFFECTIVE’ – that MONSTROUS LIE that was told a million times and has now achieved the appearance of truth. But evidences clearly confirm that it is the exact opposite. . Right after the roll-out of the Covid vaccine (2021-January), reports cropped up that vaccinated people displayed peculiar magnetism in different parts of their bodies post-vaccine. Subsequently, investigation were made by eminent doctors and scientists around the world – on their own initiative and using their own resources, as they know the moneyed elite would never bankroll such a thing. Electron microscopes were used, optical microscopes, spectroscopy tests were done, absorbance tests (…Hmmm,. . . I feel dizzy). And with all this, between electron microscopy and spectroscopy, they are in the position to affirm that what was observed is GRAPHENE.

Toxic chemical GRAPHENE found in ALL COVID Vaccines that was never declared in the EUA.

They are different teams of doctors and scientists from different parts of the world all arriving at the same conclusion: it is GRAPHENE. They are asking the medical community and the BIG PHARMA: “Is it necessary to inject GRAPHENE into people to immunize against a coronavirus?” . . [American Scientists, 2021-August] , , [Spain and Argentina, 2021-August] , , [Dr. Mike YEADON, 2021-July] , , [German Scientists, 2021-September] , , [Dr. José Luis SEVILLANO and Dr. Ricardo DELGADO, 2021-June] , , [Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez, 2021-July] , etc… This is outright SCIENCE, all scientists of the world are invited to replicate.

Dr. Pablo CAMPRA MADRID described his discovery of GRAPHENE in the Covid vaccine.. And in this video [2021-November], he declared that this research remains open and is made available to the scientific community for discussion. His appeal: “I am calling independent researchers with no conflict of interest to make wider counter-analysis to achieve a more detailed knowledge of the composition and potential health risk of this experimental drug. This poison has never been declared in the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).”


Elaborate SCHEME to MAIM and KILL

These doctors and scientists with the right moral compass have connected the dots. It’s GENOCIDE!!!. It’s an elaborate scheme that was designed meticulously from the bottom up. We are now seeing the results: “irrefutable scientific evidences that these vaccines are causing massive deaths.”[Dr. Sucharit BHAKDI and Dr. Arne BURKHARDT, 2021-December].

Dr. José Luis SEVILLANO and Dr. Ricardo DELGADO [2021-June]:-

“It has been discovered that the cause of the magnetization phenomenon is GRAPHENE. Vaccines, no matter which laboratory they come from, contain secret nanoparticles that are no other than graphene, which becomes magnetic in contact with biomolecules. In other words: it becomes magnetic once it enters the organism. . . Graphene has also been detected in swabs used for PCR tests and even in disposable face masks. “

Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Byram Bridle, [2021-June]:-

“In theory, the injections into the arms of vaccine recipients would localize the spike proteins, allowing the body to produce antibodies that would fight Covid-19. But what recent peer-reviewed studies have indicated is that the spike proteins are not remaining LOCALIZED as they were intended. They are entering the blood stream where they can cause clotting, among other side-effects.
xeniaThis is almost certainly why we’re seeing such a spike in blood clots, heart inflammation, Vaccine-induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT), and other ailments, including death, that arise shortly after someone is injected. What makes it worse is that there’s no way to tell when the spike proteins will “dislodge” from the tissue in the arm. It could be days, weeks, or even months after receiving the vaccine that the side-effects manifest.”

The PFIZER whistleblower Melissa Strickler [2021-October] revealed that fetal cells are present in the vaccine. Scientists later identified that these are the primary “UBER” or the ‘taxi-service’ that transports the spike protein to the various organs of the body, particularly the heart, ovaries, brain, liver.. . Her 20-minute video with Project Veritas is very interesting. And another whistleblower claims serious flaws in Pfizer trials.

Dr. Robert YOUNG, [2022-January]:-

“The whole phenomenon of cardiac arrest in athletes, myocarditis and pericarditis in young boys and men, as well as miscarriages, spontaneous abortions, menstrual changes in women, he says, are indicative of genetic tagging of the mRNA and graphene-loaded lipid capsids with specific polynucleotide markers obtained either from animal organ tissue for cell lines or fetal organ tissues – to guide the mRNA to specific organs and glands, with specific intent to harm and sterilize. . . This is a covert use of proteins derived from fetal organ cells for tagging-for-targeted-delivery uses.”

Do the governments of this world prefer that you were dead? . . . Yes so it seems.


The CANNON FODDERs have transformed into ‘MAGNETRONS!’

I strongly believe the government leaders of the world remain UNVAXXED up to this moment. They are in the know, they have first hand information that these vaccines are toxic, and they won’t let themselves have it nor their loved ones. They are LIARS and TRAITORS… Is Dr. Phoney Fauci vaxxed? Joe Biden? Macron? Boris Jonhson?.. The vaccines are not for them, these are for the ‘GOYIM’, for the CANNON FODDERs.

All the military and all the police of the world are now generally vaxxed, as they were mandated or coerced. It’s about time to check if the government leaders themselves are vaxxed like their subjects. It’s the obligation of the military and the police to the people that they serve, to us the USELESS EATERS of the world, because you also belong to us, you are among us, you also are USELESS EATERS. Our leaders must show that they are not “do what I say, don’t do what I do”. It’s simply imperative that our leaders must be validated, they too must do the MAGNET CHALLENGE. All that is needed is a coin, or any key, or a paper clip to do the trick – stick it on the arm and presto you will know.

Here in the Philippines, all the military and all the police are practically 100% vaxxed, including their wife, kids and parents. If you belong to them, have you ever wondered whether President Duterte, your Commander-in-Chief, is vaxxed?. What about his partner Honeylet Avancena and their daughter Kitty?.. What about the Senators and Congressmen and their families?. DOH Sec Duque and Vergeire and the all-powerful AITF?. Dr. Guido “Arnot” David and the OCTA Group, and etc…?. It’s time to do them the MAGNET CHALLENGE. It has come as the ‘GOLD STANDARD’ to authenticate if one is indeed vaxxed or not. All you need is a one-peso coin, stick it to their arm and you will know.

The Philippine military and the police – you including your loved ones – are UNDER ATTACK, and it’s not from the NPA, it is from your Commander-in-Chief, President Duterte, and his satanic minions. All of you are now vaxxed, all of you got that poison already, so all of you are now essentially “injured’, only that you don’t feel it yet because you are ‘ASYMPTOMATIC”. In this battle, you are SITTING DUCKS. . . It’s obvious this PANDORA’S BOX is opening slowly, but soon it will be “BOOOOOM!!!”

To the military and police of the world, you have put yourselves and your families in harm’s way. Indeed you won’t go unscathed. This whole situation is existential in nature. The ball is in your court. Validate if your leaders are really on your side. Do the MAGNET CHALLENGE.



“The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
xenia he leads me beside quiet waters,
xenia he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
xenia for his name’s sake.
Even though I walk through the darkest valley,
xenia I will fear no evil, for you are with me;
xenia your rod and your staff,
xenia they comfort me.”
Psalms 23:1.

RETURN TO JESUS. Mga kapatid, discern the times of today, read the Bible, we are now at the times foretold by the Apostles. The Lord JESUS is already at the door. The mark of the beast is now in sight, it is appearing on the horizon. If you have submitted to the vaccine, you have submitted to the devil, and indeed you are on the road to perdition. Satan have gotten you by the neck.

Only through JESUS that the vaccine can be UNDONE. Mga kapatid, RETURN TO JESUS, read the BIBLE, and pray the HOLY ROSARY.

Very soon, the ILLUMINATION OF CONSCIENCE will come, and most of these vaccine pimps and their bosses, the Globalists and the BIG PHARMA, all of a sudden, they will be gone. In the twinkling of an eye, they will plunge into that lake of fire where the wailing and gnashing of teeth is eternal.

* * *

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