PadreDamaso | Why Not Women as Priests?
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Why Not Women as Priests?

2016, August 23

Why Not Women as Priests?

Lately, Pope Francis formed a commission (?) to study and debate the question of ordaining women as priests.  Practically, what can be achieved from this exercise are just opinions, which can possibly go wrong.  As the Highest Priest, maybe he should meditate more over it and seek more guidance from the Holy Spirit.  Anyway, I have the answer and it’s  YES.  An ordained woman priest can also be the Highest Priest.

But the woman priest should not be addressed as “Father” but “Sister”. . .  Truly, no man deserves to be called Father, not even Pope Francis because  ”he is not even worthy to untie HIS sandals.”  (.JOHN.1:27.).  The title Father is sacred and must refer  only  to The FATHER in Heaven.  Using the title to anyone who has sinned (all of us are sinners) defiles The FATHER, the Almighty One:  there must be no other almighty one.  Not even the Apostles referred to them as Father.  Even JESUS who declared, “ME and the FATHER are one”, was addressed only as Rabbi and Master.  Priests and pastors should only be called “Brother”, or at best “Teacher”.

And in choosing the woman priest, the most important consideration is:

“Only the one who says goodbye to his possessions can be MY disciple.” (.LUKE.14:33.)

With this verse as the yardstick, many Catholic priests don’t deserve to be called “disciples of GOD”.  In 2014, a news broke out in Italy about a Jaguar car allocated to Cardinal Jorge Melia, the Vatican’s librarian, was caught in the French border carrying four kilos of cocaine  (17 September 2014, Daily Mail Online).  Though the Cardinal was not involved, obviously it raises some  decency  issues:  does Cardinal Melia really need a Jaguar car to carry out the mission that the LORD has given him?  And how many more cardinals are driving a Jaguar?  Should those Quiapo church folks who regularly shell out ten-peso coins for the up-keep of the church be accorded with some explanations?

2017, October 16

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