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Scenes From The Last 40 Days Of This World

2016, August 23

Scenes From The Last 40 Days Of This World

And GOD said to the serpent,  “Cursed you above all animals!  You will crawl on your belly and eat dust all the days of your life.” (.GENESIS.3:14.)

The last bombs of the wars have just exploded; the earthquakes have stopped; and the floods are gone.  Now the earth lays barren, a total wasteland, everything that man has built is destroyed,  “not one stone is left standing on another, everything is thrown down.” (.MATTHEW.24:2.).  Agony covers the face of the earth.  “In these days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.” (.REVELATIONS.9:6.).

And the ground becomes slippery as if covered with oil.  Everyone slides down, unable to stand, not even to sit.  No one can cling to anything, because everything has turned slippery.  Everything they hold falls down, everything they touch slips away.  Now, no one can own anything anymore, not even a grain of sand.

And everyone rolls to and fro, until their bellies touch the ground, and attach to the ground as if magnetized.  Now “they crawl on their bellies like serpents.” (.GENESIS.3:14.).  They are those who failed to detach themselves from this worldliness, from their yachts and mansions, from their fame, from their genius.  Now they are humbled down, and because they are so attached to the world, GOD has attached their bellies to the ground.

But some, actually very few, are able to stand, and walk.  And they are to hear The Voice of GOD from afar.  And they will walk towards THE VOICE knowing fully well that should they turn and look back, they’ll become pillars of salt.  And indeed some will turn and look back, and instantly they become pillars of salt.

And they who crawl like serpents will see the Children of GOD coming, and in shame they will cover their faces.  They will struggle to escape and disappear,  “and they will shout to the mountains and the rocks ‘fall on us and hide us’”. (.REVELATIONS.6:16.).

And after GOD has gathered all HIS children, the waters of the sea will rise and will cover the whole planet.  A new land will surface from the sea.  This is the new Paradise, the New Garden of Eden, which GOD has prepared for HIS children for the next thousand years.

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