PadreDamaso | Can Pope Francis Be NOT in sync with the HOLY SPIRIT?
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Can Pope Francis Be NOT in sync with the HOLY SPIRIT?

2016, August 23

Can Pope Francis be NOT “in sync” with the HOLY SPIRIT?


Vatican spokesman (Lombardi):  “The contraceptive or condom, in particular cases of emergency or gravity (referring to zika virus), could be the object of discernment in a serious case of conscience.  This is what Pope Francis said.” (2016, February 19)


The Sixth Commandment says, “Do not kill.” –  just three short words and a period, simple, plain, and clear, obviously no ifs and buts.  It is etched on stone, meaning it must not be changed and must be followed to the letter.
The Pope should be reminded that when everything else fails, then turn to GOD, not contraceptives.  Those who believe they have the zika should be advised to ask help from Mama Mary and to pray the Holy Rosary regularly.  With the right prayers, and I mean right prayers, Mama Mary will never disappoint them.

It looks like Pope Francis is acting like King Herod who, to get rid of baby Jesus, ordered the killing of all babies up to two years of age.  This time around for Pope Francis, to get rid of zika, procreation must stop and babies in the womb must die.

But maybe the Pope just blundered on that question.  Maybe he was just caught flat-footed.

TACLOBAN CITY (Papal visit, 2015)

With a strong typhoon approaching, amidst Alert Signal #2, Pope Francis held the Holy Mass before tens of thousands of Filipinos on the runway of Tacloban airport.  Awhile ago, the HOLY SPIRIT was “kind of sending feelers” to Pope Francis , expressing such activity is unsound and will only put those people in harm’s way not just during the Mass but more so after when they are to return home.  But Pope Francis (subconsciously though) was “kind of stubborn” so the message was not “listened”.

What happened:  a young woman met her tragic death right under the nose of Pope Francis literally, right in the middle of the Holy Mass.

MARIAN APPARITION (Lipa City, September 1948)

The Vatican has just ruled that it is null and void, that it has no “supernatural origin”.

Truly, the Vatican is totally wrong at that.  There is a racial dimension in that ruling:  that miracles can only happen in Europe, never in PHL.  This is obviously a prejudice on the part of the Vatican and/or Pope Francis.  They have just deceived the faithful in Lipa and PHL.  Punishment has been prepared for them.  Truly, teachers must be extra careful because “those who teach will be judged more strictly.” (.JAMES.3:3.).

There will be another Marian Apparition most possibly in a year’s time from now.  It will happen most possibly here in PHL again, maybe in the same spot in Lipa City.

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