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2017, April 01

This website is not for atheists.  And if you find this disturbing or disgusting, Facebook is just a click away.  Whatever you find in here, just take it or leave it.

What I have here, for now, are mostly the emails that I sent to my classmates in high school (Ateneo de San Pablo, 1972) and my friends mostly in college since year 2010 up to 2016.  These are the messages conveyed to me by the “Messengers” of our LORD (again, take it or leave it) for a decade now.  All the pictures herein are courtesy of ‘’.

But why the name Padre Damaso?
Because it is easily recognizable, and is already quite a byword for someone who is ‘not so nice’.  There’s a bit of Padre Damaso in all of us, something we always brush-off.  We are all but a shade of Padre Damaso:  proud, hypocrite, greedy, corrupt.  To gain GOD’s favor, we should overcome all the Padre Damasos inside us.

Writing is not my cup of tea, so if you notice some errors and ‘mediocrity’, please bear with me.


My MISSION: let there beLIGHT

“Do not believe every preacher, but test them to see whether they are from God, for the world is abound with false prophets.” (.1.JOHN.4:1.)

When Tommy places his bet in sabong, he scrutinizes the winning qualities of the cocks.  And if he loses, well there is always the next sultada.  In buying a smartphone, Tommy asks questions, and if it frustrates him later, well there is still a next time.  In buying a used car, Tommy inspects everything, and if it frustrates him later, well there is still a next time, but probably a bit later.

But in choosing a pastor to rely on (or religion for that matter), most people are not quite as probing as Tommy.  They can be so gullible that just about everyone who holds a Bible and claims to be of God is welcome.  They seem unmindful of the possibility that if they get it wrong, there can be no next time.  The wolves are everywhere:

Be alert and of sober mind, the false teachers prowl around like roaring lions always ready to devour the gullible.

In dealing with pastors, it is vital to be a “doubting Thomas”(Apostle Thomas initially doubted the Resurrection of JESUS, declaring he will believe only if he can touch His wounds.) (.JOHN.20:27.) .  It’s hard to spot the wolves, as they come with the same sheep’s clothing as the genuine ones.  Thus utmost vigilance is imperative, and failing to do so can cost you the ultimate price: your salvation.  Just as it is for Apostle Thomas, it always pays to ask questions and be enlightened.  Put these pastors under the microscope, focus the spotlight on them, ask questions and don’t be ashamed.  Be insistent.  Yes, sometimes you have to be outside the box.

This website aims to provide ‘beacons’ to discern false teachers and religions, and expose their modus operandi, follies, and lies.  With these beacons, hopefully you can evade the ‘booby traps’ that Satan has laid out, as facilitated by his disciples, the false teachers.  And like the always fiery Padre Damaso, I am to   “sharply rebuke these wolves as both their minds and consciences are corrupted; they claim to know God, but by their actions they deny Him.” (.TITUS.1:15.).

In this endeavor, I am cognizant of the dangers ahead.  These wolves will be badly hurt, and they will cast spells on me, and throw stones at me.  But the LORD has assured me saying, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.” (.GENESIS.12:3.).

So please proceed.  You are about to discover much of what you’ve been missing.