PadreDamaso | Is Your Pastor A Prophet Or A Parrot?
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Is Your Pastor A Prophet Or A Parrot?

2017, January 31


“Do not believe every preacher, but test them to see whether they are from God, for the world is abound with false prophets.” (.1.JOHN.4:1.)

How can you survive those Bible-wielding wolves whose mission from Satan is to deceive everyone and escort them to hell?  As I said, always be a doubting Thomas.  Probe them, ask questions, and fact-find.  Don’t be passive or you’ll get ripped-off.  You’ll lose your money, and your soul too.

First, measure the preacher according to the righteousness of the Apostles:

“Only the man who says goodbye to his possessions can be MY disciple.” (.LUKE.14:33.)

This is the very litmus test for all pastors.  Wolves regard this as the most dreaded verse, that’s why it lies buried in the depths of the Bible, never to be mentioned ever.   They know that the moment they speak of it, it will come to bite them.  So if the preacher doesn’t pass this, then almost surely he is a wolf, an impostor, a charlatan.  But be watchful, the wolves are terrible liars too: they can hide an elephant inside their pocket.

If however the preacher passed it, then proceed to the next test:  “the divine gift from the Holy Spirit.” (.ACTS.2:38.).  Just like during the Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came and gave the Apostles “powers”, an anointed person has his own little “Pentecost moment” where the Holy Spirit dawned upon him and bestowed him some “powers”, usually healing and driving-away demons ( it usually progresses to prophesy, and sometimes, though rarely, even to miracles).  GOD won’t let his men out to this perilous world without a “sword and armor”.  If your pastor cannot even do healing, then surely he cannot prophesy.  If he can’t do anything ’of GOD’, then he is illegitimate, an impostor.  Preachers, whose only credential is their talent to recite verses with splendor, be wary of them – they are not prophets but ‘parrots’.  Most often, they are the ones who are never without a Bible and end their sentences with an emphatic ‘Amen’.  Many of them even claim, “God has spoken to me”, something only he and his mother can attest to.

Always be circumspect with preachers.  If they claim they are anointed by GOD, or acting like that, subject them to the two tests above.   Pry them.  Dare them to prove themselves.  If they can’t, then surely they are impostors and charlatans.

Can Mike Velarde drive-away demons?  If he can’t, maybe he is possessed by demons.  Can Bo Sanchez heal the sick?  If he can’t, then he is a phony.  What about EV Manalo?  What is his divine gift from the LORD?

Don’t take preachers at face value

Preaching the Bible is the parrots’ ingenious way of making money, and lots of it.  With eloquence, they take advantage of the credulity of their flocks who seem too lazy to really explore and meditate on the Bible, or just plain stupid.  With the Bible, they have swayed multitudes to their dogmas, cherry-picking the verses that stealthily are intended only to exact tithes or ‘love offerings’ from them.  Watch out, the following verses are two of their best favorites:

  • Jesus saw a poor widow put in two coins in the temple treasury, then told the disciples:  “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all the others.  All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.” (.LUKE.21:1.)
  • The widow used her last flour and oil to provide Elijah with a meal.  And so there was food every day for Elijah and for the woman and her family.  For the jar of flour was not used up and the jug of oil did not run dry, in keeping with the word of the LORD spoken by Elijah. (.1.KINGS.17:15.)

In the grand scheme of things, the above verses are not so meaningful – they are bereft of ‘spiritual nutrition’.  Please bear in mind:  in the Bible, ‘not all the verses were created equal’.  They are like the various fruits in the fruit stand: some are more nutritious than others. As it is, saging is better than santol, and avocado is better than lanzones.  Parrots pick junk Bible-verses, devoid of spirituality, not to nourish anyone’s soul but to fill up their pockets.  Their ‘spiritual compass’ is badly broken: they speak the words of Jesus, but their ways are that of Satan.  Time and again, the above verses yield the most tithes.

Look at this quintessential wolf Micky Velardo.  He always asks his flock with “puzzling questions” such as ”how will you be righteous before GOD?”.  Then he will pause, a long pause as he waits for answer from the flock who are sooooo quiet and really seem sooooo puzzled.  Then he will dare them, “O anong sagot? Sirit na ba? Basahin natin ang Malachi 3:10.” (“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house.”).  He will then follow up saying “by giving less tithe, you are robbing GOD”.  Instead of saying the best answer to that which is James 1:23, (“help the orphans, widows, and homeless.”), he chose Malachi 3:10 obviously to exact tithes from the flock.  “Wala ng pagsidlan ang kayamanan nitong mamang ito, pero ikapu pa rin ng ikapu.  Daig pa nito ang mga drug-addict sa pagkasugapa sa ikapu.  Ang mga addict kapag lango na ay humihinto na, pero itong mamang ito ay walang kabusugan, kahit panahon ng Semana Santa, humahataw pa rin ng ikapu, hindi na pinatawad.  Ito ang tunay na kampon ni Satanas.  Mga kapatid, iwan nyo ang taong ito at walang katuturan ang mga aral nito, sigurado mabubulid lang kayo sa impierno.  Ginagawa lang kayo na gatasan, pagtalikud nyo, ang tawag nya sa inyo ay mga uto-uto.” “Keep away from Velardo, For he is not serving the LORD but his own stomach.  By smooth talk and flattery, Velardo deceives the minds of naive people.” (.ROMANS.16.18.)

The Bible is like a birthday cake with a thick, gorgeous icing.  The parrots will serve you only the icing, you’ll never get to see the cake itself, because “mabibisto sila, babagsak ang negosyo, walang kita”.  If you glance away, they’ll say, “look here, don’t look there, don’t look anywhere else but here, listen to what I say, believe me, don’t think anymore”.  With their dogmas, the promise of salvation is not just assured but comes with big bonuses as well: your cancer will heal, your debts will get paid, your income will triple, your love life will be mind-boggling, etc . . .”   They instill, “with Jesus, nothing is impossible, you can have your cake and eat it too, just pay your tithe always, don’t fail.”  Indeed, “they are taking away the key to knowledge and wisdom, thwarting those who wish to enter Heaven, instead leading them to hell.” (.LUKE.11:52.).  They have effectively boxed in their flocks, enabling them to amass wealth by milking these poor gullible people regularly.

People should sense that giving money to these parrots is not like buying an appliance: it carries no warranty.   If they don’t deliver, and surely they won’t, you lose your money, and you lose your soul too.

Peel your pastor

The preachers especially those who have gained prominence, they should show their divine gifts.  If they can’t, they don’t have any business preaching. ‘Pag walang pakita, dapat soli pera.’  Those who gave tithes to these parrots, stop fooling yourselves and demand your money back.  This way you can also lessen the punishment of GOD.

And if they are really so tight lipped about their divine signs, then press them some other ways.  They will be caught by carefully listening to what they say and observing what they do.  Do your homework:  ”making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice, ‘coz Jesus Christ is coming to town”.  Here are some of the questions I suggest to the members of the various congregations:

  • For  El Shaddai flock: just recently Mike Velarde announced that at 80+ years old, the LORD has restored his eyesight at the normal 20/20 vision, and that his eyeglasses are merely ‘papogi lang’.  Then he cited the story of Moses who at 120 years old also had 20/20 vision, all courtesy of the LORD . . .  For me, he is implying that he is as holy as Moses.  Maybe the flock can test him on this: place a coin at a six meter distance from Velarde, and ask him what coin it is, ten, five, or one-peso coin, or if really there is a coin there or not.  (2017, april 8);
  • For  Bo Sanchez’ –  where in the PHL is that ‘five-hectare home for the elderly’ that he maintains for some years now?;  What town, barangay?;  How do you get there?;  If it’s not in the PHL, maybe it is somewhere in one of the craters of the moon;
  • For  Apollo Quibuloy’s –  when he was born, did he receive gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh?  Can he turn water into wine?;  And when he dies, will he rise from the dead after three days?
  • For the  INC –  if Felix Manalo really is the ‘huling sugo sa huling araw’, what messages from God did he reveal?  Who is the false prophet?  Who is the antichrist?

Is Mike Velarde really a prophet, or a parrot?  What about Bo Sanchez, Quibuloy, EV Manalo?  How about Eli Soriano?  Satan’s promise is affluence in all aspects of life, as echoed by his disciples, those parrots.  Don’t be fooled.  What the LORD wants us to realize is that,

“we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.  Those who want to get rich fall into temptation, into many foolish desires that plunge them to destruction.  For the love of money is the root of all evil.” (.1.TIMOTHY.6:7.).

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