PadreDamaso | Is Your Church A House Of Prayer, Or A Den Of Robbers?
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Is Your Church A House Of Prayer, Or A Den Of Robbers?

2017, January 31

Is Your Church A House Of Prayer, Or A
‘den of robbers’?

JESUS entered the temple and overturned the tables of the money changers saying,  ‘It is written, MY house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers.’ (.MATTHEW.21:12.)

That was the scene two thousand years ago at the Temple of Jerusalem.  But if Jesus will come today, many times that scene will be repeated as HE will find that most churches or congregations are run by “robbers in robe”, i.e., the false teachers.  These wolves are the best robbers in the world: they can steal money in plain sight, and still leave their victims happy and convinced.  Wherever the money is, their long arms can reach it.

In the true House of GOD, you’ll never get robbed because everything there comes free.  St. John (the Baptist)  baptized Jesus for free not because He is God but because  St. John’s mission from GOD obliges that he has to do everything for free.  Yes, Jesus was baptized all free of charge, everything on the house.  And the occasion was even simple and straightforward, no fanfare at all:  no lechon, no leche flan, no lambanog, not even a ninong and ninang.  The High Priest then, St. John, has not asked anyone for money, clothes, or food as  “his clothes were made of camel’s hair, and his food was locusts and wild honey.” (.MATTHEW.3:4.).  If only St. John will do what today’s wolves are doing, he should be wearing signature clothes, driving glitzy cars, and living in a penthouse.  He should be richer than Mike Velarde, Apollo Quibuloy, Bo Sanchez, and all the other pastors combined.

Yes, this is the glaring truth that preachers always avoid mentioning: Jesus Christ was baptized in a religion (St. John’s) no one knows what, if ever that was such a religion; and, Jesus did not found any other religion, meaning He was never a Roman Catholic, or an Iglesia Ni Cristo, or Mormons, or whatever.  HIS religion was that of “charity”, not of praising, singing, and dancing.  Jesus never danced the “siksik, liglig, kilig”, never sang the “thy word is a lamp . . ., and never preached “kami lang ang maliligtas”.  The religion that Jesus preached and practiced was:

RELIGION that the FATHER accepts as pure and faultless is this:  to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

“Mga kapatid, suriin nyong mabuti ang mga pastor nyo katulad nina . . .,  Sigurado ba kayo na kaya nila kayong iligtas, baka sila mismo ay hindi maligtas?  Baka naman interesado lang sila sa mga ikapu at ‘love offerings’ nyo; baka naman ang tingin nila sa inyo ay mga ‘uto-uto’;  baka naman ginagawa lang nila kayong gatasan.  Hindi nyo alam kung saan nila dinadala ang mga ikapu na ibinibigay nyo sa kanila.”

JESUS is the shepherd who came and laid down His life for us, that we may have life;  the false teachers are not the shepherds, they came as thieves only to steal, destroy, and kill;  when the wolf comes, these false teachers will abandon the sheep and run away for their lives, because they care nothing for the sheep;  they won’t lay down their lives for the sheep.

Will Mike Velarde lay down his life for El Shaddai?  When things get rough, won’t he abandon his flock and run away for his life?. . .  Will EV Manalo lay down his life for Iglesia Ni Cristo?  When times get tough, won’t he abandon it and run for his life? . . .  And how is it for Apollo Quibuloy, Bo Sanchez, Eli Soriano, Eddie Villanueva, and all the others? . . . “Later, they will abandon their flocks, and they will die as they run for their lives.”

Can Jesus Christ be a member of the INC for free?

What about, shall we say, if Jesus comes today and decides to join the INC, or El Shaddai, or JIL, will He pay for the baptism?  And once in, will He be required to pay tithes, or give ‘love offerings’?  It could be that His tithes will be set at a monthly thirty pieces of silver.  Indeed, those who impose tithes, their mission is not from GOD but Satan.  Tithing was never a part of Jesus’ teachings.  To set things straight, Jesus and all the Apostles never asked tithe from anyone throughout their lives – all of them died poor.  And their (the wolves) conduct doesn’t even jibe with the rules in the Old Testament.  Back then, the poor are not just exempt from paying tithes but are also entitled to it.

**FYI – After the death of Moses, the land of Israel was divided among its tribes, all descendants of the sons of Jacob, except the Tribe of Levi  (the third of the twelve sons of Jacob, Levi  was the forefather of Moses and Aaron).  With no land, the Levites were dispersed all throughout the eleven tribes as priests and keepers of the Tabernacle.  And having received no inheritance whatsoever, the other tribes are to give tithes to the Levites for their sustenance, the upkeep of the tabernacle, and to feed the ”fatherless, widows, and strangers or homeless”.  The Levites are not to own or possess anything.

So, give tithe only to the Tribe of Levi, to those who inherited nothing and possess nothing, to:

“the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed;  although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid by the LORD on Judgment Day.”  (.LUKE.14:14.).

Give tithe directly to the orphans, widows, and homeless (.JAMES.1:23.), for surely GOD will prepare you a bountiful reward in Heaven, as HE has said, “what you do to the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto ME.” (.MATTHEW.25:40.).

But don’t give to those who already have so much in life, to those who are so much richer than you, to those who always dupe you that “your tithe will return a hundred fold”.  If you do that, GOD will punish you in that lake of fire because you help these wolves grow further, increasingly becoming more ferocious, enabling them to victimize ever more unsuspecting (or stupid) people.  ‘Me kasabihan nga, “habang tumataba ang baboy, lalo itong tumatakaw.”

Carefully discern your pastors.  Most possibly the following are among the wolves in sheep’s clothing today:

  • Mike Velarde
  • Apollo Quibuloy
  • Bo Sanchez
  • Eddie Villanueva
  • Eli Soriano
  • Eduardo V. Manalo

The wolves are the “whitewashed tombs that are clean outside but rotten inside,” (.MATTHEW.23:27.).  GOD sees their churches as not a house of prayer but a den of robbers.  If you give to them, GOD will throw your soul to hell.  And if you have already given them tithes, you should demand your money back to lessen GOD’s punishment.

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